Pretty Petals 

Last but not least

choose your Stem Wrap!

Satin Ribbon (Available in most colors!)


Lace (White or Ivory)

Twine (Beige or Cream)

Rhinestone Wrap (Please Inquire for colors)

Tulle (Available in most colors)

    Flower Girl 

  • Basket of Petals 

This includes a basket with your choice of ribbon and color Rose Petals for her to toss as she prepares the aisle for the Bride! $40.00

  • Pomander Ball

You choice of Carnations, Daisies or a Mix of Both! Choose your color and matching ribbon!


  • Floral Crown

Choose between our adorable Babys Breath Crowns or a Mixed Greenery with Small Blooms


Designers Choice

Bouquet Package 

This Package give us designers the creative freedom to design your flowers based on your colors and theme and will leave you with a beautiful surprise on your Wedding Day with Bouquets customized specifically for you!

  • Bridal Bouquet       


  • Bridesmaids Bouquets   

$70.00 Each

  •          Boutonnieres                 and Pin On Corsages 

$14.00 Each 


$17.00 Each 

Enchanting Winter Bouquet Package

Scented with fresh Fir, Ceder, and Pine these Bouquets will have you dreaming in a Winter Wonderland, From November to January you can enjoy these beautiful winter blooms!

  • Bridal Bouquet

Stunning Amaryllis, Roses, Ranunculus, Tulips, Snow Berry with Seasonal Winter Greenery, your choice of Filler and Stem Wrap.


  • Bridesmaids Bouquets

Tulips with Winter Greenery and your choice of Filler and Stem Wrap. 


  • Boutonnieres and Pin On Corsages

Ranunculus Blooms with Snow Berry and Winter Greenery with Matching Stem Wrap

$13.50 Each

Wrist Corsage

$16.50 Each  

Choose your Bouquet Greenery 

Dark and Lush Ferns and Vines

Bright Spring Green Foilage

Lovely Eucalyptus and Dusty Miller

Unique Tropical Leaves and Grass

Scented Winter Greenery (Seasonal)

Sweet as Spring Bouquet Package 

This package is seasonal and includes beautiful spring time blooms that are available between the months of April-May. Perfect for a spring Wedding!

  • Bridal Bouquet

Roses, Sweet Peas, Peonies, Anenomes, Rice Flower, Stock with a Mix of Greenery of your choice along with Stem Wrap of your choosing. 


  • Bridesmaids Bouquets 

Stock with Mixed Greenery and Stem Wrap of your choice.,

$60.00 Each

  • Boutonnieres and

Pin On Corsages

Anenome Bloom or Rose with Filler and Greenery Finished with matching stem wrap.

$13.50 Each 

Wrist Corsages 

$16.50 Each 

Matching Ceremoney and 

 Reception Centerpieces can be

designed upon Request!

Garden Bouquet Package

  • Bridal Bouquet

A lovely mix of Hydrangeas, Roses, Lisianthus (or Freesia), Stock (or Snapdrangons) with Spray Roses, your choice of Filler and Assorted Greenery and Stem Wrap and color choice


  • Bridesmaids Bouquets

 Hydrangeas with Freesia (or Lisianthus or Roses) with your choice or Filler, Assorted Greenery and Matching Stem Wrap. $70.00 Each

Smaller Version $60.00

  •      Boutonnieres and            Pin On Corsages

Matching Lisianthus, Rose or Spray Rose Blooms with Filler and Assorted Greenery and finished with matching stem wrap.

$13.50 Each

Wrist Corsage

$16.50 Each

Vibrant Fall Bouquet Package

With Beautiful tones of Fall this stunner of a package will sure to compliment your autumn Wedding! For Brides getting hitched between the months of August-October this package is perfect for you!

  • Bridal Bouquet

​A combination of Large and Mini Sunflowers, Large Cymbid Orchids, Roses, Safari Sunset, Freesia, with your choice of Filler, Greenery and Stem Wrap.


  • Bridesmaids Bouquets

Mini Sunflowers, Large Cymbid Orchids (or Roses), Freesia, and your choice of Filler, Greenery and Stem Wrap. 

$67.00 Each

  • Boutonnieres and Pin On Corsages

Choose between Mini Sunflowers, Roses or Freesia with Matching Filler and Greenery and Stem Wrap for $13.50 Each 

Wrist Corsages 

$16.50 Each 

Floral Designs 

      Classic Rose

      Bouquet Package

  •                 Bridal Bouquet                   Beautiful Roses in color of your choice, along with your choice of Filler and Assorted Greenery, you will also get the choice of stem wrap

​  $160.00 

  •       Bridesmaids Bouquets           

        Matching Roses with Filler and          Assorted Greenery of your choice, Along                    with your choice of stem wrap.             $76.00 Each 

​Smaller Version $68.00 Each

  •   Boutonnieres and            

 Pin On Corsages

     Matching Rose and Spray Roses for the         Ladies with Filler and Greenery, Finished off with matching wrap. 

$13.50 Each 

Wrist Corsages

$16.50 Each 

​​​​Choose Your Bouquet Filler!

    Queen Anne's Lace                  Wax Flower                     Babys Breath                  Hypericum Berry                      Lavender

         Misty Blue                  Bluperum (Seasonal)            Astrantia (Seasonal)            Silver Brunia (Seasonal)​            ​Wheat 

Scabiosa Pods (Seasonal)            ​Curly Willow               Rice Flower (Seasonal)                Solidago                            Statice

   Ginestra (Seasonal)                Pinecones                               Asters                          Skimmia (Seasonal)      Poppy Pods (Seasonal)                                 

Summer Lovin' Bouquet Package

This seasonal Package is perfect for Summer Weddings in between the months of June-August. This package has sensational summer blooms which will compliment your romantic summer Wedding.

  • Bridal Bouquet

Dahlias, Garden Roses, Lisianthus, Blushing Bride, Astilbe with your choice of Filler, Greenery and Stem Wrap 


  • Bridesmaids Bouquets

Matching Roses and Dahlias with Filler, Greenery and Stem Wrap of your choosing

​$68.00 Each 

  • Boutonnieres and

Pin On Corsages 

Blushing Bride with Filler and Greenery finished with matching stem wrap. 

$15.00 Each 

Wrist Corsage